About the Regiment

All about the history, traditions and purpose of the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders.

A Proud History

Baptized in the mud, blood and fire of France and Flanders, the Camerons of today are as fiercely proud of their highland traditions as their forebears were.

WW1 Minto Armoury
A Highland Regiment for Winnipeg
WW1 Camerons
The Great War
summer camp inter-war period summer camp inter-war period 1919-1938
The Inter-war Years
The Second World War
Post War

Time Honoured Tradition

From it’s founding, Winnipeg has had a strong Scottish tradition. After years of intense pressure from the local Scottish community, the government finally authorized the raising of a highland regiment in Winnipeg. Gazetted in 1910, the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada are the oldest highland regiment in Western Canada. 


Events celebrated by the Regiment throughout history and still kept to this day.

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The dress of the Regiment is based upon the customs of the Scottish highlanders.

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Important artefacts of historical and cultural significance to the Regiment.

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An infantry regiment within the Army Reserve, the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada form part of the combat arms capability of 38 Canadian Brigade Group. Whether it is augmenting Regular Force units on overseas operations or fighting floods and forest fires at home, the Camerons provide a ready source of trained soldiers.

The Association

The Association's primary goal is to promote comradeship amongst those who have had the distinction of serving with the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada or other affiliate units...

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The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has been a significant asset in the battle to preserve the regimental system and badging in the Militia and the maintenance of Highland regimental traditions...

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