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Private Gaston Joseph Couture 27 April 1945 Holten Canadian War Cemetery, NL



On Friday, February 5, 2021, James “Jim” Mavor O’Brien loving Father, Granddad, Uncle and friend passed away with his son and daughter-in-law by his side. Jim was 89 years old and spent his final days at the Mt. Ida Mews long term care facility in Salmon Arm, BC.

Jim was born on January 7, 1932 in Winnipeg, Manitoba to James Cowe O’Brien and Rachel (Ethel) Mavor O’Brien – nee Daun. He was the youngest of 3 children and grew up in the West End of Winnipeg. He married Mary (Myra) Smith in 1959 and moved to the North End of Winnipeg, until 2013 when he moved to Salmon Arm, BC to be close to family.

Jim had a strong Scottish heritage and a love for collecting stamps, curling and scotch. He played bagpipes for the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada and the Winnipeg Khartum Shrine Pipes and Drums. Jim retired in 1992 after 31 years of service with Air Canada where he worked in their payroll department.

Dad will be loving remembered by his son, Robert O’Brien (Margaret) and his two grandchildren Caitlyn and Duncan along with many nieces, nephews and loved ones.

See the Bowers Funeral Service link above for full details.


October 17, 1925 – Jan 7, 2020 https://akisqnuk.civicweb.net/document/44302

Frank Martin Sam was born October 17, 1925 at Columbia Lake Band. He served as Frank Bernard Martin. After leaving school in Hune of 1942 Frank worked for the Douglas Lake Cattle Company for about 6 months, and on May 30, 1943 Frank volunteered for the Canadian Army. Although very proud of his service, the 17 year old Frank didn’t have a lot of other options. “There was no work, no welfare, it was the only way to support my Mother”. He did 6 weeks of Basic in Vernon, BC then back to Courtenay, BC for about another 3 months. He then returned to Vernon for Battle Drill School. On May 6, 1943 Frank was shipped off to Deburt, NS to await being sent overseas.

Frank sailed on The Empress of Scotland and, not surprisingly, landed in Greenwich, Scotland. Then it was on to Normandy where he joined the Camerons. Frank was wounded for the first time on 14 Aug, 1944 during OP TRACTABLE. He had gotten a “Blighty”, and was sent back to the UK for treatment of his left arm. This put him out of action for about 12 days. Frank was wounded again on 18 Sept, 1944, but this time the wound almost cost Frank his right leg.

Frank went back to Canada on the Lady Nelson Hospital Ship to Halifax, NS, then via hospital train to Vancouver, BC to complete his recovery. Hall in all Frank ended up spending 19 months in hospital. Frank was Honourably Discharged on May 31, 1946 and returned to Columbia Lake.

Frank was the last surviving veteran of the Second World War of the ?akisnuk First Nation.

Editor’s notes: Special thanks to Cpl Chris Buckley & Maj Nils French, both of 44 Engineer Sqdn, Trail & Cranbrook BC for passing the word up the chain and to our CO.

I’m not sure I have a proper copy of Frank’s obit yet. If someone can send me one I’ll be happy to publish it, or at least a link to it, in a later issue of the Oatmeal Rag. This write up is based on Frank’s story in a 2018 Special Veteran’s Edition of the ?akisnuk First Nation.

Frank was not at all pleased that all of the Indigenous guys in the unit were sent to the Scouts and Snipers Platoon without the option to go to a Rifle Company. The Scouts and Snipers Platoon (it went through several name changes during the war and is currently called Recce Platoon) was commonly regarded as a very dangerous job and not everyone thought it was “a good go” by a long shot during the Second World War.

WIDOW’S / WIDOWER’S SUPPLEMENT: There is income supplement for widows / widowers. They will mail out a form for the survivor to complete. You will need proof of marriage and the soldier’s regimental number etc. and the spouse’s income tax forms. If the financial situation is going badly the survivor should contact Veterans Affairs.



Links current to 01 Jan 2021

FUNERAL AND BURIAL ASSISTANCE: The Veterans Affairs Canada Funeral and Burial Program ensures that eligible Veterans receive dignified funeral and burial services. The Last Post Fund (LPF), a non-profit organization, delivers the program on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada. To be eligible for the program, Veterans must meet both military and financial criteria.


Link current to 10 March 2021


Mavis Coutts (Gord’s widow) – Good days, bad days. If you’re interested in visiting her please get in touch with her daughter Brenda first. Hugh can put you in touch if you don’t have her contact info.

Taffy Gray (Cold War PPCLI & Camerons) – Taff and Betty are doing OK these days, and celebrated Robbie Burns in their own way this year, as did we all. Taff has been downsizing his amazing library, so anyone interested in Scottish history please contact Hugh. Taff is also on Facebook say hi that way too !

PTSD Help Line: The toll-free number 1-855-373-8387 will be manned by veterans who will be available on a 24-hour basis. The callers will not be required to identify themselves. See also the Cameron “Links” section of the web page for other useful links:


Link current to 01 March 2021.


Hello ! We have been very busy since Hugh’s last edition. The monument is coming along nicely. Go by Vimy Ridge Memorial Park and see for yourself. On another note, our web page is being redesigned, and will have a brand new look to it soon. The work is being done by a former Cameron, Nat Weir-Wakely, and we’re all looking forward to it.

MONUMENT DEDICATION EVENT SAVE THE DATE: 19 Sept 2021 – We’re now down to the landscaping and some final touches which pretty much have to wait for better weather in Spring 2021. The plan for the formal dedication of the monument is to do it during the annual Cameron Regimental Weekend, 17-19 Sept 2021. We are asking everyone who might be able to make it to this milestone event to “Save The Date”. We will be monitoring the Covid situation closely and depending on how things are going will be sure to confirm the date for you by the end of June 2021. You can read more about the Cameron Regimental Weekend in the Cameron Association Report below.

My best regards, Steve MacMillan


Our VP is still very busy boy but sends his regards. Keep up the good work Fred !


This is an important thing to do for the health of the Association. There are still lots of former Camerons out there that we don’t know about for various reasons. Just because you or they weren’t Second World War or Korea veterans doesn’t make anyone less important to the Cameron Association. Please help us locate them and bring them back into the fold.

Also, there are still families of First and Second War Camerons asking for more information about their kin. If anyone can help out please send the Oatmeal Rag editor what you have or ask to be put in touch directly and he’ll do so.

Thanks very much to those fine souls who have donated some of their hard earned dollars to keep hard copies of this newsletter going out to the guys and the widows of our guys without computers. A few were Second War men but some are younger former Camerons who live in areas with poor internet service, dial up, or are just plain happy to be off of the grid.

Subject: John Ross Cherniski (might be spelled Cherneski)


Hello from Marathon Ontario, Our names are Steve and Joyce Humphrey. We are friends with 2nd World War veteran John Ross Cherniski (might be spelled Cherneski) he will be 96 years young on January 10 . He lives here in the Seniors Residence – Peninsula Manor .

We are researching some information in regards to his military service from D-Day 1944 to Holland in 1946. He served in the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders 2nd Division . He is from Mobert,Ontario and enlisted in Winnipeg.

Where can we obtain some literature in regards to The Queen’s Own during this time period and a listing showing John’s ( we call him Johnny ) name ?

Please advise, and thanks in advance

Steve and Joyce Humphrey Marathon Ontario

Editor’s note: Hugh has been in touch and has passed along some sources to check for literature. Their request for more for of John’s service record has been passed to the guys in the Museum, but John may have to sign off on a request for his records from LAC.

Subject: Thomas Holland – 43rd Btn CEF


Hello, I wonder if you can help me. My husband Laurence Ranger’s great-uncle was Thomas HOLLAND, born 16 Sept 1893 in Chelsea, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Greater London, England. I have been searching for Laurence’s family for many years and recently

discovered a death on 13 May 1956 at Find-a-Grave.com for Thomas. He was buried in the Brookside Cemetery at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This is completely new information for us. The only Manitoba connection we are aware of is Thomas’ mother Lucy’s brother, George Austin (born 1873, Chelsea – died 1933, Deloraine, Manitoba) who had been sent to Manitoba from London as a teenager in 1888.

The grave marker itself for Thomas at Brookside, records him as Private Thomas Holland, 1893-1956, 43rd BATTN. C.E.F. The Find-a-Grave entry specifies his date and place of birth and death. I wondered if you have any additional information? We are intrigued as to why an Englishman had served in a Canadian battalion. Would he have had Canadian citizenship, or would he have been recruited by the C.E.F. when they arrived in England before going to France in WWI? Also, if he didn’t pass away until 1956 in Manitoba, are there any records about him and his family? Why was he recorded as a Private on his grave marker? Was he in an institution suffering from PTSD until his death, perhaps?

We would be very grateful for any information you are able to provide. Many thanks – we hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

Best wishes

Michele and Laurence Ranger

Editor’s Note: Mike Nickerson and the Cameron Museum staff were able to assist, so the fam- ily now have a better handle on what happened with 700395 Pte Thomas Holland, who started out in the 101st Bn CEF (Winnipeg Light Infantry was the main organizer for this Bn).

Subject: 43rd Battalion question, James Ritchie

Tue, 22 Dec 2020

Hello, my great grandfather James Ritchie was with the 43rd battalion in the First World War. He started in the 79th battalion Cameron Highlanders in Winnipeg. His name is listed as #1248 in the roll of officers in the pictures on your website. My sister and I are working on our family tree and I am wondering if there is any way to find out if he is in any of the group photos?

Thanks for any help!

Lindsey Ritchie

Editor’s note: Sadly it’s hard to tell if James Ritchie is in some of the pictures. Many of the pictures that come our way have no names on them. If you can help with this please let us know. Also, if you have any pictures, please add names now before those in them are lost forever.

Re: American serving with 43rd Canadian Battalion


I am a historian working on research regarding the letters American soldiers, nurses, civilians, as well as those American who served with Allies prior the United States joining the effort.

I came across and article where the letter of Leon Perkins was printed in a US newspaper. Leon mentions that the Canadians he was fighting with took a ridge in Belgium sometime around Oct 21, 1917. I was curious if you could assist me in finding out where the 43rd was in fact sometime around that date. It would help in my research and give a great back story to the young soldier’s letter. If you need further information from me please let me know.

Thank you James Fuller

Editor’s note: Mr. Fuller now has the link to the 43rd’s War Diary. At a bet, that ridge in Belgium would have been Passchendaele, The 43rd attacked there on 26 Oct 1917.

Subject: Cpl. W.E. Roberts Can. Inf. Manitoba Regiment 43 Battalion

Tue, 7 Jul 2020

Hello. I am looking for some advice. I have Cpl. W.E. Roberts British War medal, passed down from my Grandfather. Cpl. Roberts was killed in action on the 6th of June, 1916. We thought it was my grandfathers until recently, when we noticed the edge was engraved with Cpl. W.E Roberts. We would like to return it to his regiment, or a relative. Whatever is appropriate.

Can you offer any advice? Sent: July 7, 2020

Hello Mr. Stooke,

Can you tell me anything more about the medal or if your Grandfather’s family included Cpl. Roberts perhaps ? It may have belonged to close kin of your Grandfather, and you may be the surviving family in this case. I’m thinking that Cpl. Roberts may have been a cousin of his that was KIA and had no family of his own to pass the medal to. I may be able to help a little bit with family research or at least providing some particulars regarding Cpl Roberts to prove a connection if one exists.

Regardless, should you feel that the time has come that the medal should move on, we will be honoured to care for it.

Sincerely, 07/08/2020

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I did follow up on your suggestion of a possible relation. My cousin has researched our family genealogy over the last 40 years, and her extensive records do not show any link to the Roberts family. My grandfather did also enlist out of Winnipeg into the 44th Battn CEF in 1915 though, but I can’t find any connection between the two men.

Professionally, I cannot find a link either. My grandfather was an elevator operator at the time of his enlistment, according to his file, Roberts was a teacher at the time of enlistment. Notes from research another cousin of mine conducted, Roberts was the Principal of Transcona Schools at the time of enlistment. I have not found supporting documentation to this effect.

I have attached his Service record ( from the public internet archive). I see he was originally from England, his record indicates his mother was living at 20 Valeswood, Little Ness, Baschurch, Salop England during the relevant time.

I would appreciate any direction of advice you might have. All the best,


Editor’s note: Can anyone help out here ? Especially any longtime Transcona residents ?

Subject: Theodore John Ogden

Fri, 19 Jun 2020 Hi there, I’m hoping that you can help me find out a bit more of my great uncle. He served with the Queens Own in WW2 and was killed in action in Holland on 23rd October 1944. I’m wondering if you have any information on what medals etc he would have been awarded.

I’m ex-military myself having served with the 1st Battalion, The Royal Highland Fusiliers for 15 years and I’m looking into my family’s involvement with the military. I know Ted was one of four brothers involved in WW2, my grandfather served with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, as for my other 2 great uncles I’m still to start looking into them.

Any help you could give me would be truly appreciated. 06/20/2020

I’ll attach a picture of the headstone and other stuff I have. What I’m really looking for is what company he was in etc and what medals he would have received. I have looked online at a lot of the Camerons but his name never appears and I only have 1 picture of him and it’s not to clear so it’s a bit needle in a haystack. There were 4 brothers who served in WW2, my grandfather was with the Winnipeg Rifles, Uncle Ted who was with the Queen’s Own and still trying to find out about the other 2 brothers. At least with all this coronavirus going on its giving me plenty time to try and find out what I can.

Again thanks for getting back to me and hopefully hear from you soon. If I find out anymore information that might help I’ll pass it on to you if that’s ok.

Thank you,

Kenny Ogden

Searching for Information on my Grandfather, Alfred Vernon Turner

04/28/2020 03:03 PM

Good afternoon,

I found this email address on the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada website. The site does appear to be quite dated, so I’m not certain this is even an active or accurate email address, but it’s my first “stop” in my quest. If this IS an active email address, and does NOT belong to someone who may be able to help me, I’ll have no problem with you either disregarding it or perhaps passing it along to someone who may be able to help.

My name is Aaron Elya and I reside in Cumming, Georgia, USA which is about 30 minutes due north of Atlanta. My maternal grandfather, Alfred Vernon Turner was born on December 31st, 1917, and passed away on July 22nd, 2010. His wife, my grandmother, Marie Helen Turner (Poirier) would follow in April of 2013.

The reason I’m writing is to begin to try to learn more about my grandfather’s position as a piper in his youth. There are some loose details floating around about it throughout my family, but nothing seems to be very concrete. The one thing I’ve heard most consistently (which may not even be accurate) is that he served as a piper for the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of

Canada. He and my grandmother lived in Pictou, NS (where my uncle and mother were born). That much I know for sure. I’m also interested to find out if he had any kind of officer level rank or any distinguishable honours to speak of. In short, I just want to know more about that time in his life. I have attached some pictures of him and my grandmother for reference. I really treasure these photos!

He passed away when I was 33 years of age (the day before my second child was born). I got to visit him at his home in Dearborn, Michigan a few months before he passed… a visit that I’m quite glad I made. Most of my memories of him, however, are from my own childhood. We didn’t visit them terribly often, but the love was always there. As skilled of a piper I’m sure he was, my only memories of him playing any kind of music were him expertly strumming his guitar. He probably played guitar for 60+ years! I always recall seeing his bagpipes proudly displayed in their basement, though… a lovely sight at all of our family gatherings.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there. I’m just VERY curious to know about his time as a piper… and would welcome any information or assistance that may be available as a result of this message. Again, I could be barking up the completely wrong tree, but I figured it was worth a shot. 🙂

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a blessed day! With great sincerity,

Aaron Elya

[email protected]


DUNCAN M. ANDERSON (Cold War) – Duncan and former Sgt-Maj RON WILLIAMS continue to try to keep the ANAF functioning in MB. The current Covid challenge has them advising all to stay safe and follow the rules so that there will be members left when this passes us by. They look forward to having us by Unit #303 Rockwood (a block north of Grant Park on Wilton) once the All Clear has been sounded.

ANDRE BLAIS (Cold War Camerons) – Andre and his lady Susan are stilling hanging in there in BC. Susan and himself have been working from home since March. He considers that it has some advantages but also challenges. Boring not going anywhere or doing much. They keep up their daily 4 km walks with the dogs at least. Andre hopes things get better before Sept. and would like to plan to attend the monument dedication. Btw, Andre is planning to pull pole July 2023.

GORD FONSTAD (Cold War Camerons) – Doing well at last word. Gord’s two major projects The first was to put together the full and detailed story of the window in Edmonton’s

Highland Park United Church. The second project was to mark on Google Maps the places where the Camerons fought in the Second War. These labours of love have consumed hours of his time and you’ll see the results in an Oatmeal Rag soon. I’ve seen the first drafts, and let me tell you they’re really something. It will make any future tours to where the Camerons fought in the SDWW a whole lot easier because you’ll know where you need to go. It will also make things harder, as some of these places are so small on current maps that they have nearly ceased to exist.

DON HULAN (Cold War & PKO PPCLI, then PKO Camerons) – Doing OK in ON these days along with his lady, Linda, and their daughter, Charlotte. Don is thinking of visiting Wpg, but not until we register a temperature higher than the Moon’s. He’s now aware of the Cameron Monument dedication ceremony plans, and maybe with a bit of luck we’ll get a chance to see him there. Cheers for now RSM !

LCdr GALEUNG “Chairman” LAU (Peacekeeping, to current) – Galeung is doing well for himself, and is now the XO and 2 i/c of CFB Halifax’s Blog branch. He’s happy at home with his wife & 2 wee lads when he’s not on duty at the Base or working in support of Nova Scotia’s vaccine distribution work stream as part of OP VECTOR. Nothing like a pair of Sea Logistics eyes with a Cameron twist to help out !

He’s currently enjoying a bout of “notoriety” as the #FaceofBaseHFX of 2021. He asks that all Camerons try to give him a “Like” so that he can catch the Base Padre. He’s got an uphill battle because as he tells me, “the Padre has God on his side.”


On a different note, Galeung is going to try to arrange to come out for the dedication ceremony of the Cameron Monument. He’s also hoping to link up with some of the auld “A” Coy crowd.

DOUG SETTER (Cold War, Peacekeeping) – Doug is retired from the CAF now and has turned his hand to writing. His latest book is “Fit Femme After 50”. Having been through a number of Doug’s kickboxing training sessions and talked healthy living stuff with him when he was here in Wpg, I’m sure this book will be excellent information.

That said, I have no clue how you offer this book to any of your lady friends. Maybe point to the cover and say “Hey, I soldiered and did some martial arts training with this guy. He knows exactly what he’s talking about !” might be the way to avoid serious bodily injury or divorce ?

Ken Smith (SWW & Cold War Cameron) – Can you believe it ? Sir Kenneth has been in and out of solitary more often than your average hard case! At least he’s not on a diet of Angel Cake and White Wine (bread and water to the uninitiated) this go around. Ken’s lads are doing what they can, and a number of the regimental family have been calling to help ken while away the hours until his CB is completed. Now if only ALL of the other residents will quite imitating Steve McQueen of Stalag Luft III maybe Ken can get back to a “normal” routine for longer than a week at a time.

11 March 2021 update from Ken’s son Craig:

Hi: Hope all of you are well and everyone is keeping safe and healthy. Here is the latest update on Ken. The COVID (Roller) Coaster ride has stopped!! We hope for longer this time!

The current lockdown ended on Mar 9th and they are easing back into limited social activities and eating in the dining room for lunch & dinner again.

He’s pretty stoked about being able to travel around the building freely, hang out in the lounge with his buddies again

I was able to visit him again today. I can still only visit him in his suite once per week for 45 minutes but hopefully this will change over time. He got his haircut onsite yesterday & looks sharp! He’s getting his monthly footcare treatment tomorrow. Generally, he’s just happy to be

able to be out of his room and to socialize again. We can definitely hear, & now, see the differ- ence it makes in him

All the best from Ken to all of the Cameron regimental family !

* 2020-21 DUES ($20) STILL PAYABLE *

Well COVID sure put a hole in the annual Cameron Reunion Renewal Plan for most of us. As of any time now you can connect with Association Treasurer David Gibson (per the cover page of the Oatmeal Rag) who will take your payment.

If you are not sure of your status please contact Dave and he’ll either be happy to take your

$20.00 payment or be most unhappy that he doesn’t get to take any money from you – yet – this year.

You can also use interact e-Transfer to pay your dues to our Treasurer, Dave Gibson. It works rather like Pay Pal for those of you familiar with that service. Here’s link to one of the the web page options:



*** Reminder you too can become a LIFE MEMBER of The Association ***

Short version, any member in good standing of at least 65 years of age will be allowed to buy a Life Membership in the Cameron Association in Canada for $250 Cdn as of our last AGM. This money is restricted to being spent on an “as earned” basis, which is to say The Association cannot have a grand party one year and be broke the next. We can only add the $20 per year of the $250 to each succeeding year’s budget. We have 2 such members at this time.

SAVE THE DATE 17-179 SEPT 2021


We are issuing a “Save the Date” for the weekend of 17-19 Sept, 2021. We will confirm the date No Later Than the end of June 2021, by which time we expect to have a solid handle on whether Covid rates will impact our plan. Things are looking very good for Manitoba right now between vaccinations getting into full swing and a low infection rate. Here’s hoping, and since hope is not a plan, let’s all do our bit so we can do the honours sooner than later.

The CO has graciously supported our plan for the Cameron Regimental Weekend 17-19 Sept. It features the annual Cameron Reunion on the Friday night, the annual Golf Tourney on the Saturday afternoon followed by the usual BBQ dinner, and the formal dedication of the monument on the Sunday afternoon. Timings do exist but I’ll hold off for now on issuing them as all will be available on our web page soon enough.

In case some of you aren’t aware, we will likely have at least some of the serving soldiers away providing aid to the civil power, so we may have a thin turnout from the Battalion at the dedication, but such is life in green. The current expectation is they will be supporting Covid vaccination program activities and/or all other Covid response activities as directed by the military until such time as Canada is in better shape.

Ullamh !


The Unit web site is still up running, but as mentioned above, it is undergoing a long overdue updating and upgrading sometime in the near future. We have selected someone to do the work, Mr. Nat Weir-Wakely, and the work has started. Nat is another former Cameron

The unit web site continues to be a point of contact between ourselves, the families of those who served in the Camerons, and those who become interested in the Camerons for one reason or another. We continue to have requests through the unit web site for information from famil- ies about former Camerons. If anybody can help out with them please feel free to do so. You can find the web site at:


Link current to 10 March 2021

Speaking of the Unit web site, the photos from the old Cameron Picasaweb site can be found again by going to the Photo Gallery link on the Regiment part of our web site.

Links current to 23 Jan 2021

“The Cameron Highlanders of Canada Memorial Site, Recording the History of the Regi- ment, 1914-1919” web site is not functioning at this time. It was one that every Cameron should have looked at over the years. Thank you so very much for an unparalleled job of help- ing out the Cameron regimental family Mr. McLean, and hopefully it will reappear at some time.


REGIMENT: The regiment is somewhat constrained in it’s activities these days. The CO, RSM, and all of the Cameron staff are doing what they can to keep training interesting and admin running smoothly, and looking forward to better times coming.

Some significant changes have occurred since our last issue. Specifically our RSM, CWO Jeremy Abrahamse, has been posted to CFB Shilo as the new Base Chief. Congrats from all of us on the promotion RSM ! Remember, you’re still allowed to come back and enjoy some highland hospitality as time and family permit.

The RSM’s chair is being filled by a well known Cameron of many years service to the regiment, recently promoted CWO John Dawson. As many of you will know, John is from a Cameron family with an uncle buried at Dieppe, and family links to all parts of the Regiment. John is a former Pipe-Major of the Camerons, and has served in Afghanistan with the CIMIC element of the task force. For those not familiar with the CIMIC role in ISAF I’ll let him explain it, complete with the story of the piper, the drummer, and the infantry WO in contact with the Dushman.

BATTALION & “A” COMPANY UPDATE: RSM John Dawson informs us that over 50% of the unit is still serving on some form of full time service tasking. With Covid in check for the moment we are also finally starting to process potential recruits again !

The CO and RSM got to present 3 CDs on 02 March 2021. They went to WO Bernier and Cpl’s Gluting and Trenchard

“A” Coy has been running virtual classes since Nov until late Feb. They were able to start in person training at long last on 23 Feb.

Pipes & Drums Update: Courtesy, as usual, of our P/M Dan Locke:

The regimental Pipes & Drums are still rehearsing together online each week with an eye on this summer following the Prairie Pipe Band Association of Manitoba’s announcement that, public health requirements permitting, at least a few outdoor games are planned for July and August.

Several members are tasked to the Domestic Response Company, while Corporal Tingskou has been tapped to serve remotely as an instructor with the music training centre at CFB Borden.

Pipe Major Locke was recently asked to judge an online solo contest for the Lord Selkirk Robert Fraser Memorial Pipe Band (a local youth organization) and instruction for the cadets continues each Saturday morning.

All in all, the band is carrying on as well, given the circumstances!

Cameron Kit Shop:

Still in a bit of a state of flux at last report while the Camerons get it sorted out with new kit items and so on. The QM staff are ready and willing but Covid will be an issue for a while yet.


The Advisory Board has continued to provide excellent support to the Regiment as a whole from financial support for in house programs and events to assistance with recruiting and reten- tion. Thanks to all who serve with the Board !


The Regimental Foundation has been far more than merely very helpful with the Cameron Monument and continues to help the Association with the funding. There have been some large bills at this point and a few more big ones will be coming soon. You can still help if you are so inclined.

Cheque to the Cameron Foundation: This can be done by sending your donation of $25 Cdn or more (because while lesser amounts are welcome, to get a tax receipt it MUST be $25 CDN or more) to:

The Cameron Foundation 180 Kingsway Ave

Wpg, MB R3M 0H2

Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the Foundation. Every dollar helps !


The Cameron cadets are doing OK at last report from Capt. Phil Atkinson. Maj. Andrew Flook brought us the recent news that the Canadian Army Cadets and the Army Cadets in the UK, in particular Scottish ones, are trying some combined training on Zoom. Those of us who recall the old days with Cooey rifles and other antiquated training aids may be somewhat justifiably jealous.

Information about the corps activities can be found at www.407army.ca

The cadets are also communicating on Facebook and Instagram regarding corps activities.


Nil this time out that the Editor is aware of.


Rounds Completed:

Covid Round 2. The usual activities have had to be conducted by other means.


Had to go online this year, but nicely done.

Editor’s note: Also, many of the veterans found a quite spot to pay their respects this go around. I think every cemetery in Winnipeg has at least one soldier’s grave to visit, and from what I saw on Facebook, I think a number of guys who may never have had a visit before got one this year.

Incoming Rounds:


Save the Dates: Sept 17-19 2021. The plan is:

Friday pm, 17 Sept: Cameron Reunion at Minto in the JR’s Mess.

Saturday pm, 18 Sept: Annual Cameron Golf at Assiniboine Golf Club on Ness.

Sunday pm, 19 Sept: Dedication Ceremony for the Cameron Monument at Vimy Ridge Memorial Park


Before You Go – Information for Reservists to assist their Release from the Canadian Armed Forces This site is set up for guys like us. The P Res guys who are trying to figure out just what in the heck is supposed to happen. It is available to guys who are already releasing, are long out, etc.

http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/caf-community-support-services-for-members-reservists/before-you- go.page

Link current to 20 Jan 2021

Registered Disability Savings plan (RDSP)

If you have left the military with a disability that qualifies you may wish to look into this plan:

https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/registered-disability- savings-plan-rdsp.html

Link current to 20 Jan 2021



The Centre for Scottish Studies at the University of Guelph is the oldest and the leading aca- demic unit in North America for research, graduate training, and teaching on Scottish history and Scottish culture. It is thanks to the steadfast and generous support of the Scottish Studies Foundation that the Scottish Studies Centre in the College of Arts at Guelph continues to gain a distinguished reputation as a global centre of research. The Centre’s preeminence is exempli- fied by the externally endowed Scottish Studies Foundation Chair, whose establishment in 2004 was a signal achievement in the advancement of Scottish scholarship…..

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America’s approach to command and control goes peer to peer Warfare’s worldwide web

“An old proverb says you should not put all your eggs in one basket. That is a particularly good maxim for matters military. America’s armed forces, for example, use modified Boeing jumbo jets, called JSTARS, as airborne control centres for surveillance and operations. These planes are packed with sensors and their job is to orchestrate combat by detecting targets, tracking them and then assigning them to others to deal with. They have done this well for decades. But times change. With its big electronic signature, a JSTARS aircraft now amounts to “a sluggish flying bull’s eye”, ”

The Economist: The future of armed conflict column 9 Jan 2021


“Winnipeg Tribune 13 Feb 1946 page 4 article….. Camerons Form New Association

The Cameron association an organization that will be representative of past and present mem- bers of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada irrespective of where and when they served – was formed at a meeting attended by more than 300 Camerons in the Free Press board- room, Feb. 8.

A. (Spud) Thomson was elected president and other officials were chosen as follows: first vice – president R. D (Pat) Paterson; second vice – president, Joe Albert: secretary – treasurer. J. L. (Jimmie) Henderson. Executive: George Craig. A. Strachan, James Rodgers, George Manley, Don Sutherland. Allan Hodgert, John Milne and R. C. (Bob) McKibbin.

Andrew Lockey, 85, of 266 Balmoral Street, believed to be the oldest living Cameron in Western Canada, was unanimously elected to an honourary life membership. An imperial veteran, Mr Lockey joined the Cameron Highlanders at Perth Scotland Feb 19 1878.

Further information regarding the new association may be obtained from Capt. Henderson at Cameron headquarters, 202 Main Street.”

Editor’s note: A very big thank you to Kevin & Pam Lockey, Andrew Lockey’s Great Grandson, for passing this our way !!!

Forrest Clifton Snow, a proud American 179th Bn Cameron Highlander

Editor’s note: This story came to us a little while ago, but I wasn’t able to get it into The Oatmeal Rag until now. It seems Forrest was far from the only “Yank” to come and join us in the Great War, but that’s another story or two.

Subject: Looking for my grandfather’s Cameron Highlander history 24 May 2019

Hello, I’m working on filling in some holes in my family history and I’m looking for my grandfather’s unit in WW1. He was in the Cameron Highlanders and would have joined/drafted in Winnipeg but I don’t know what date. If you could point me in a direction where I might discover more of my family’s history, it would be very helpful. His name was Forrest Clifton Snow.

Douglas Snow

2488 Golf View Drive River Falls, WI 54022

5 Oct 2019

I am moving my mother who is 84 and found these photos in a scrapbook. One of the photos says that my grandfather was attached to the 179th Regiment of the Cameron Highlanders dated 1917. It looks like a location that is in Canada. The other photo is of my grandfather in Dierdorf, Germany in 1918. He looks like he’s been through a War. All this said, my Grandfather ran away from home in Chicago, Ill, USA and made his way to Winnipeg through the help of First Nation Members and others. It’s very possible that he created an alias when he joined the Cameron Highlanders which is why I’m including a photo. It’s just more information that might help my family understand my grandfather’s service in The Cameron Highlanders.

Maybe this information helps. My grandfather was very proud of his service.

(Hugh to Douglass) I’m not sure if Grant Tyler passed this your way or not so I wanted to be sure that it got to you. I guess once the war ended Forrest got transferred to the US Army – if not earlier. I’m thinking that he was posted to the 82nd All Americans – Sgt Alvin York’s outfit, later the 82nd Airborne Div of Nijmegen Bridge fame in Bridge Too Far.

Fascinating story ! I wish I’d been able to sit at his kitchen table and hear him tell it.

(Douglass to Hugh) This is starting to put “The Stories” that surround my grandfather into perspective. My grandfather died in 1939 before anyone I have talked to was alive. One of the “for sure” places my grandfather fought was the Argonne Forest. I’m sure you know that the Cameron Highlanders were over taking part in 2nd Arras then…which makes me think that my grandfather was transferred to the American 82 Infantry. Thank to all of you for helping me piece this together.

Pte. Forrest Clifton Snow. He may have served under a different name with us.

Verification of Former Service DS Solution: You can check the FAQ at this site for more information but here are the basics:

“28. I used to be a CAF member. How do I get my file? Service records of retired or released CAF members are kept at DND for only a few years before they are sent to Library and Archives Canada.

So if you recently retired or have recently been released from the CAF, and suspect your re- cords might not yet be held at Library and Archives Canada, you may contact the DND Direct- orate of Military Careers Administration to obtain your records by dialing

1-866-240-6726. However, most military records may be obtained through Library and Archives Canada, including at the following Library and Archives sub-site:

https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/contact-us/frequently-asked-question- s.html

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You may call Library and Archives by dialing 1-866-578-7777 for assistance. Library and Archives Canada is the federal government department that preserves and makes accessible the documentary heritage of Canada. It also serves as the continuing memory of the Government of Canada and its institutions. As such, Library and Archives Canada holds extensive collections of military records.”




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Vernie in Valcartier

Pte. Alfred Pte. Vernon Turner

02 March 2021 WO Bernier presented with his CD by our CO and RSM

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Cameron First World War drum in the Belgian War Museum.

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